The Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR)


The Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) is an international digital repository for the digital records of archaeological investigations. The tDAR repository encompasses digital data, documents, and images derived from ongoing archaeological research, as well as legacy data derived from more than a century of archaeological research. The repository provides for long-term preservation and easy discovery and access to databases, spreadsheets, documents, and images in a variety of common formats. tDAR operates under the organizational umbrella of Digital Antiquity, a multi-institutional organization that has been explicitly designed to ensure the long-term financial, technical, and social sustainability of the tDAR cyberinfrastructure.  


Terms of Service: 

Knowledge gained through the efforts of many researchers is shared through tDAR in order to encourage and facilitate archaeological and related research.  Read the tDAR Terms of Use Agreement here.  

Digital Antiquity will accept a wide range of digital archaeological data for the tDAR repository. Data and documents contributed to the tDAR repository may include digital files related to a wide range of archaeological investigations and topics, e.g., archives and collections, field studies of various scales and intensities, and historical, methodological, synthetic, or theoretical studies. For detailed information on what can be contributed to tDAR and how to contribute, click here.