HathiTrust is an international partnership of more than fifty research institutions and libraries that are working together to ensure the long-term preservation and accessibility of the cultural record. The partnership launched a digital repository in 2008 that currently contains more than 8 million volumes, digitized from the partnering library collections. More than 2 million of these volumes are in the public domain and freely viewable on the Web.

Texts of approximately 120,000 public domain volumes in HathiTrust are available immediately to interested researchers. Up to 2 million more may be available through an agreement with Google that must be signed by an institutional sponsor. More information about obtaining the texts, including the agreement with Google, is available athttp://www.hathitrust.org/datasets.


Please contact hathitrust-datasets@umich.edu with any questions.

Terms of Service: 

In most cases, because of constraints placed on materials that have been deposited, texts from HathiTrust may not be redistributed, rehosted, or used commercially. While HathiTrust has verified all texts it makes available to be in the public domain, researchers must agree to delete data from their researcher sets if it is determined at a later time to be in copyright.