New York Public Library


Libraries are the memory of humankind, irreplaceable repositories of documents of human thought and action. The New York Public Library is such a memory bank par excellence, one of the great knowledge institutions of the world, its myriad collections ranking with those of the British Library, the Library of Congress, and the Bibliothèque nationale de France.  

NYPL has several collections that may be of interest to Digging into Data participants.  For example:

The NYPL Digital Gallery contains roughly 700,000 images that could be used for data analysis.  The images are available via our RESTful API.  For more information about this API, please see:  For an ATOM feed, please see:  

NYPL has been a lead participant in the National Digital Newspaper Program, and has additionally contracted for article-level data/coordinates for those newspapers it has provided. Available runs include the New York World (1890-1910) and the New York Daily Sun (1890-1910). There is currently no online access, but to obtain more information about using this newspaper data for analysis, please contact Barbara Taranto ( 


Please contact: Joe Dalton.