The New York Times Article Search API


The NYT Article Search API allows you to search more than 2.8 million New York Times articles from 1981 to today, retrieving headlines, abstracts, lead paragraphs and links to associated multimedia.

The API supports the following type of searching: 
    * Standard keyword searching
    * Date range: all articles from X date to Y date
    * Field search: search within any number of given fields, e.g., title:obama byline:dowd
    * Conjunction and disjunction (AND and NOT) operations, e.g., baseball yankees -"red sox"
    * Ordering by closest (variable ranking algorithms), newest and oldest

The Article Search API also offers faceted searching. The available facets include Times-specific fields such as sections, taxonomic classifiers and controlled vocabulary terms (names of people, organizations and geographic locations).


If your research team is interested in using the Times' Article Search API, please visit to register for an API key.

Terms of Service: 

The New York TImes Article Search API is for noncommercial use only. Please see the FAQ for more detail about commercial and noncommercial use:

This Terms of Use is available at the following URL:, and our Attribution Requirements are also available at the following URL: