Structural Analysis of Large Amounts of Music Information


SALAMI (Structural Analysis of Large Amounts of Music Information) is an innovative and ambitious computational musicology project. To date, musical analysis has been conducted by individuals and on a small scale. Our computational approach, combined with the huge volume of data now available from such source as the Internet Archive, will a) deliver a very substantive corpus of musical analyses in a common framework for use by music scholars, students and beyond; and, b) establish a methodology and tooling which will enable others to add to this in the future and to broaden the application of the techniques we establish. A resource of SALAMI’s magnitude empowers musicologists to approach their work in a new and different way, starting with the data, and to ask research questions that have not been possible before.

Principal Investigators

Stephen Downie, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US, NSF
David De Roure, University of Southhampton, UK, JISC
Ichiro Fujinaga, McGill University, CAN, SSHRC
Additional Key Participants: The Internet Archive, IndianaUniversity, Anthology of Recorded Music (DRAM), and the British Broadcasting Corporation