Responsible Terrorism Coverage (ResTeCo): A Global Comparative Analysis of News Coverage about Terrorism from 1945 to present


The ResTeCo project will use text analytics methods at extreme scales to assess 70 years of terrorism coverage from around the world as a natural experiment for identifying successful reporting strategies. By charting the quality of terrorism coverage at a global scale, with historical depth, and across multiple languages, the ResTeCo project will clarify how journalists in different places and times have reported on terror attacks, and what responsible terrorism coverage looks like within the limits of journalistic professionalism and media logic.

Principal Investigators

Scott Althaus, University of Illinois, United States, NEH (USD 175,525)
Wouter van Atteveldt, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands, NWO (EUR 124,598)
Hartmut Wessler, University of Mannheim, Germany, DFG (EUR 272,550)